Want to get out of the echo chamber?

Talk with someone who disagrees with you

We hear it all the time. America has never been more polarized. Red and Blue. Left and Right. The Conservatives and Progressives. Paradoxically, our connectedness has made this issue much worse. We go to websites and news sources that tell us what we want to hear, never challenging our positions. When all you hear is support for your own beliefs, it becomes frighteningly easy to despise the other side. After all, if your beliefs are so obviously correct, the opposition must be evil or just plain idiotic. This site aims to be a meeting place for curious people willing to engage openly and civilly with those who disagree with them.

Rules of Engagement

Remember, this is not a debating platform. This is a community for bridge-building and understanding, not for winning. Essentially, treat your discussion partner with respect and genuine curiosity. The goal here is not for either of you to change the other person's mind (Although that could definitely happen), but to understand the other person's perspective and see these controversial issues from the other side. This is not a free speech platform, and being a jerk can get you banned. A chat-based platform is only as good as its users, and if you can't hold a discussion without trying to dunk on the opposition, this site isn't for you.